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White Horse Golf Club Flyovers

Hole #1 at Whitehorse Golf

HOLE 1 - PAR 4 - 311 YARDS
Drive down the right side for the best angle and approach to the green.
There is plenty of room left for those playing it safe; however, the farther
left your drive, the less of the green is in view.
Watch out for the diagonal cross bunker at the gates of the landing area.

Hole #2 at Whitehorse Golf

HOLE 2 - PAR 4 - 329 YARDS
To find the ideal landing area, the drive must be long and towards the right side of the fairway.
Beware of the deep hollows just past the landing area on both sides of the fairway.
The best approach to the green is from the right side.

Hole #3 at Whitehorse Golf

HOLE 3 - PAR 5 - 382 YARDS
Aim your drive toward the right side of the fairway.
Play the second shot just to the right of the grass fairway for a lay-up shot.
Run up the ball and players can still make par.
This long par 5 may be reached in two by a few players, but
for the majority, this is a genuine three-shot hole.

Hole #4 at Whitehorse Golf

HOLE 4 - PAR 3 - 146 YARDS
Long hitters will want the most direct route over the deep swale.
The shorter routes are left of the green where there is ample fairway for a lay-up shot.
This allows the more conservative players to run up their ball and still make par.
Under-clubbing risks the deep bunkers.

Hole #5 at Whitehorse Golf

HOLE 5 - PAR 4 - 313 YARDS
The tee shot puts a premium on accuracy.
Aim your drive just to the right of the 150 yard black/white
barber pole for the best angle into the green.
Place your drive just short of the lone sentinel bunker
to avoid rolling through the wide landing area.

Hole #6 at Whitehorse Golf

HOLE 6 - PAR 3 - 117 YARDS
Although the green is large, it is a difficult target due to the trouble that surrounds it.
The deep bunkers on the right will snag more than a few errant shots.
Once on, two-step your way around the subtle undulations of the green.

Hole #7 at Whitehorse Golf

HOLE 7 - PAR 4 - 293 YARDS
This par 4 requires an outstanding tee shot over an 80 yard valley.
Try to place your tee shot right of center for a chance to see the flag.
Your second shot is downhill and could play a club shorter.
The small green slopes from left-to-right with many undulations.

Hole #8 at Whitehorse Golf

HOLE 8 - PAR 5 - 423 YARDS
Bunkers are located on both sides of the landing area.
Players will be best advised to position their third shots from the left
of the fairway for the best angle into the green.
Long hitters can reach the hole in two if they can avoid the well
positioned bunker some twenty yards short of the green.

Hole #9 at Whitehorse Golf

HOLE 9 - PAR 4 - 362 YARDS
Hit your drive as far as you can.
The best drive will be just left of the center of the large fairway.
The second shot presents all players with what could be
the most difficult approach shot on the course.

Hole #10 at Whitehorse Golf

HOLE 10 - PAR 4 - 339 YARDS
This severe dogleg left requires players to place their tee shot on the top
of the ridge to secure a good view of the green.
Players trying to cut the corner with a strong drive off the tee will find the
bottom of a deep swale, offering little view of the putting surface.

Hole #11 at Whitehorse Golf

HOLE 11 - PAR 4 - 234 YARDS
A good drive, left of center, sets up a short iron approach to the small green.
The massive waste bunker shouldn’t come into play unless your drive is lost too far right.

Hole #12 at Whitehorse Golf

HOLE 12 - PAR 4 - 319 YARDS
Direct the tee shot down the left side and the ball will feed back down the side slope
into the narrow valley leaving a short approach to the green.
A missed tee shot to the right leaves the player an
awkward, semi-blind approach shot to the well-bunkered, elevated green

Hole #13 at Whitehorse Golf

HOLE 13 - PAR 3 - 133 YARDS
With Mount Baker on the horizon, most players will choose a long to medium iron to the large green, depending on the wind.
If the flag is to the back use caution because your shot could trickle off the green and down a steep slope that runs into the trees.
The green looks flat but is deceptively difficult.

Hole #14 at Whitehorse Golf

HOLE 14 - PAR 5 - 415 YARDS
The ideal tee shot is straight up the middle of the fairway.
The landing area is narrow with severe drop off into the woods on the right.
Players attempting to go for the green in two should be concerned with the lateral
hazard both behind and to the right of the green.
Favor the left side of the fairway short of the green

Hole #15 at Whitehorse Golf

HOLE 15 - PAR 4 - 290 YARDS
Though the landing area is generous, the best tee shot is
straight towards the middle of the narrow approach.
A large hill blinds this elevated green to shots being played from the left
and a group of tall firs engulf shots hit too far right.

Hole #16 at Whitehorse Golf

HOLE 16 - PAR 5 - 451 YARDS
On the longest of the par 5’s you must not only be long but accurate as well.
It’s best to lay up with a long iron to the large second landing area than go for the green in two.
This leaves a full swing to a very long and well protected green.

Hole #17 at Whitehorse Golf

HOLE 17 - PAR 3 - 103 YARDS
The large, welcoming green sits atop a large knoll and is entrenched with deep, menacing bunkers.
There’s plenty of room short of the green to the right
and from there, players get a good chance at up and down.

Hole #18 at Whitehorse Golf

HOLE 18 - PAR 4 - 356 YARDS
This beautiful finishing hole requires an accurate tee shot.
From the landing area, the player is faced with the decision to hit their shot across the water at the
long, undulating green, or laying up short right.
Par is a great score.

White Horse Golf Club

Once considered among the most difficult golf courses in the Northwest, White Horse Golf Club is now enjoyed by all level of golfers from around the region.

When purchased by the Suquamish Indian Tribe during 2010 there were three immediate goals for their newest acquisition. This list included: softening the course conditions, building a clubhouse, and expanding the food and beverage operations to include a catering and banquet facility.

Local architect John Harbottle was brought in to make the golf course more enjoyable for all golfers. He removed almost half of the bunkers and created more accessible approach shots for golfers into the greens. His formula worked as White Horse Golf Club is now one of the most popular golf courses to play on the Kitsap Peninsula.

Our full service golf club includes an all grass practice facility with three putting greens, chipping area, and 18 incredible holes of golf along with convenient parking. Our clubhouse has the look and feel of a Northwest lodge with an atmosphere welcoming golfers and the general public to come have a casual meal and enjoy the spectacular view from the outdoor terrace overlooking the 18th hole. Following the golf you can enjoy a scenic drive to the Suquamish Clearwater Resort and Casino for evening activities.

White Horse Golf Club is located just five minutes from Kingston, and a short ferry ride away from the Seattle Metro area. We look forward to your visit to White Horse Golf Club in the near future.